Project Description

STAM [The Tree]

In a small section of inner-city Cape Town, Chantal, a fugitive addict loses track of her child, Jona, when she leaves him behind all alone to turn one final trick. Dawid, a frustrated cop faces up to the demons from a traumatic childhood. Samiah, a young nurse clings to a disintegrating bubble of fantasy that shields her from facing life on life’s terms. Aphiwe, an up-and-coming art director in a crumbling relationship, is confronted by his fear of connection as he looks for salvation beyond his impenetrable personal boundaries. In a city wracked by conflict, contradiction and harsh battles for survival, the four main characters each discover surprising and profound truths about their purposes as human beings through their inextricable connections to others. Fear meets hope. Anger meets love. Loss meets meaning. One night, one city, four lives changed forever and bound together by the unblinking gaze of an innocent child.

Renowned critic Leon van Nierop describes the movie as “uniquely Afrikaans and unpredictable – a real humdinger.”

Producers: Elias Ribeiro and Cait Pansegrouw
Director: Louw Venter
Script: Louw Venter
With: Gideon Lombard, Tarryn Wyngaard, Niza Jay, Inge Beckmann, Armand Aucamp, Neil Heyns
Runtime: 75 min
Rating: 18 DLPS SV V

4 September 16:00